Fixed cost of each patent search service

Our search services will be provided by fixed cost for any kinds of search conditions.  Therefore, you can skip the task of requesting a quote.

Costs of the content searchs are;

New search service:
(1) Confirmation Search (Review Search): $300
※ In the Confirmation (Review) patent study, no fee will be incurred if it can not be detected other than your located documents as of the end of the study. However, if one or more documents equivalent to the documents obtained in the past was obtained in the study, we will charge a fixed fee. Please understand that we do not compensate whether the obtained documents has effective use value.

※ The delivery form of Confirmation (Review) patent search will be based on only the obtained information(ex, only patent number), in case of zero detection, we will only inform you of that. We will not disclose the investigation conditions from the concept respecting the past investigations.
※Delivery deadline must be reported within 2~3 weeks after authorization.

※In case you need to disclose the investigation conditions, please request the existing investigation categories from the beginning.

※This service will not be accepted if the study is a collection patent search.

Existing search:
(2) Clearance search: $1,000
(3) Novelty search: $1,000
(4) Infringement search: $900
(5) Freedom to operate search: $900
(6) Invalidating search: $1,000
(7) Design search: $150
Rushing fee will be increased by 100%

Delivery deadline must be reported within 23 weeks after authorization.
・Please contact us freely, we will quickly reply for your requests or your questions with no charge.

※Translation service of the located references will be provided by only machine translation with no charge in response to request at any time. (If you need an accurate translation, please consider other means.)