Patent search servies

A new search:

 ・Confirmation (Review) search: If you conducted a survey more than once in the past, but still have doubts about other related materials, please use it as a second opinion. 

Notes on this study request:
(1) It must be a project that conducted arbitrary investigation in the past at least once. (Examination by the Patent Office is not included.)
(2) It is possible to disclose all the materials (patent number etc.) obtained from the investigations conducted in the past.
(3) Because of the character of this study, we must be sincerely able to deal with mutual trust without hidden material. (Importance: maximal)
Be able to adhere strictly to the above.

Existing search:

Clearance search The clearance search has two aspects of infringement and patentability, therefore, it is searched by broad perspectives because of potential risks involved.  Range of investigation: mainly in-force patent
Novelty (patentability) searchPursuant to claims, the references published prior to application date will be searched.
Infringement search It is searched whether an owned technology may infringe against another’s patent rights.  Range of investigationin-force and  potentially in-force patent information
Freedom to operate searchIt considers expired patents and publicly available documents in addition to in-force patents.
Invalidating searchIt is searched the references to constitute barriers against owner’s technology, that makes an another’s patent right invalidate or decrease.

Rush! FeeRush search is available by an additional fee.  The additional rate will inclease by 50%.